Pre-Board Exams for  Std. XII are scheduled in the month of December, 2014. Students must register themselves and pay the required fee (Rs 300/-) towards the same before 15th December, 2014. Complete Syllabus will be tested. Tentative Dates : 26th Dec, 2014 to 5th Jan, 2015

Attention Class XII Students:
To register for Pre-Board Exam, you must log in with your gmail account to access the Registration Form. You will be given ONLY ONE chance to fill. It will not be possible to edit it later on. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.

Refund Policy for Pre-Board Examination (After verification only)

Rs 250/- :  Marks obtained >= 95%
Rs 200/- :  Marks obtained >= 90%
Rs 150/- :  Marks obtained >= 85%
Rs 100/- :  Marks obtained >= 80%

Amount will be refunded by Cheque/Cash as per the convenience of the management.